Volunteer Opportunities

VOLUNTEERS are an integral part of the Multifaith Works community. However you feel called to serve, there’s a place for you! Volunteer Training sessions are held throughout the year.

Seattle Shanti’s unique network of volunteers offers one-to-one emotional support to people living with HIV/AIDS or other life-threatening illnesses, their loved ones, or those grieving a loss.  By providing active, non-judgmental listening and a comforting, sustaining relationship, Shanti volunteers help empower clients to identify and meet their own needs.


AIDS Care Teams
Multifaith Works AIDS CareTeams consist of seven to fifteen volunteers from one
 or more congregations who join together to support “CarePartner(s);” one person or household living with AIDS. CareTeams offer people of all faiths a way to live their faith teachings. CareTeam activities may include such things as: cooking and sharing a meal, social outings, offering friendship and emotional support, birthday parties, light housekeeping, transportation or phone calls. 

House Volunteers & Group Service Projects
Multifaith AIDS Projects (MAPS) currently manages five homes in Seattle for people who are living with AIDS, and one home, Ariel MS House, for people living with multiple sclerosis. Volunteers may help with:transportation, moving, light cleaning, gardening, and general maintenance, providing transportation, and offering friendship and non-judgmental spiritual/emotional support.

Moving Volunteers
Moving volunteers are always needed to help pick up and deliver donations to the Multifaith AIDS Projects (MAPS) houses! In addition, clients in all of our programs often need assistance moving into and out of their housing. We maintain a list of both volunteers with truck/vans and people with muscles who are on call.

Office and Special Event Volunteers
Multifaith Works needs office volunteers to help with photocopying, bulk mailing and other office support. At our newsletter mailing parties, volunteers enjoy food and each others’ company while they work. We also need special event volunteers to staff booths and help at events. In addition, we invite volunteer consultants in areas such as effective communication training, Board of Directors development, computer work, and graphic design.volgrp

Fundraising and Marketing Volunteers
Money is the lifeblood of every non-profit organization, and Multifaith Works is no exception! Volunteers who join our Fundraising/Marketing Committee will help implement an annual plan which supports everything Multifaith Works does. People with effective oral and written communications skills are essential to the success of this vital endeavor.