Below are resource links listed by subject. There are individual web sites, and also several query searches through intended to save you time. Please let us know if your agency would like to be listed, or if there are agencies/ resources you have found helpful.  We will try to list them here. Thank you!


General Health & DiseaseCancerALS
Multiple SclerosisMuscular DystrophyGrief & Loss

General Health and Disease Links links: General directory of information and resources on different diseases and conditions.

Centers for Disease Control – Government agency that monitors infectious disease outbreaks, provides updates, reports and health information to control and treat. Information on infections related to other conditions (such as HIV and TB). listing: Sites related to naturopathic, homeopathic and other alternative medicine fields.


National Cancer Institute: Excellent information for patients and families.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: This is a very complete site with links to Patient Resources, Accessing Medical Care, The Treatment Process, Patient and Family Services, Cancer Information, Science and Research, Education, Shared Resources. resource directory: A listing of web sites which provide cancer information and resources.

Breast Cancer Center: Web site resources from Patient Centers.

ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) links: Web resources on ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

ALS Association web site. Information on the disease, research, local chapters, advocacy, and literature.

Multiple Sclerosis links: Organizations and web resources on Multiple Sclerosis.

Glossary of terms: Terms related to multiple sclerosis are defined.

MS Association of King County: City (Seattle WA) and county (King) information and support guide, links to research, alternative medicine, disability info and medical FAQs. Also a Q&A page with transcribed questions and responses that deal with day to day living, disability questions, and emotional/cognitive symptoms of the disease.

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Grief & Loss links: Web sites and topics pertaining to end of life, including palliative care, hospice, bereavement and Advance Directives.


National Hospice Organization: Web site with links to locating hospices in your area.

King County hospice agencies: Lists specific to the King County, WA area from the NHO.

Dr Ira Byock’s Resource page (, hospice physician and author of Dying Well, chronicling his own beginnings as a hospice physician.


General HIV/AIDS Information

Información del SIDA en Español :
Spanish language information from the AIDS Treatment and Data Network

King County AIDS Prevention Project: This site contains a wealth of valuable links to HIV/AIDS resources and services such as HIV Basics, Publications, Statistics, HIV/AIDS-related support groups, AEGIS–the world’s largest database of HIV info on the web, the Journal of the American Medical Association AIDS/HIV info.

AIDS and HIV Information Resource: The Body includes all things pertaining to HIV/AIDS including press articles, research, clinical studies, chat and bulletin boards and forums on general conditions related to the disease.

The HIV Daily Briefing: Daily news about HIV/AIDS related issues and medical info.

The AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service (ACTIS) provides quick and easy access to information on federally and privately funded clinical trials for adults and children.

Gay Men’s Health Crisis: Offers hands-on support services to those with AIDS and their families. Has additional links on topics such as who to talk to (hotline), stopping HIV, living with HIV/AIDS, a Press Room, and a wonderful AIDS library with info on all sorts of topics.

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, Virtual Library of Diseases.

Marty Howard’s HIV/AIDS HomePage: Great links, info, and all you can ask from a talented webmaster dedicating his time to help others get info.

“Check these Out” HIV/AIDS Related Sites

Surviving AIDS - Nova program with great video showing infection of a cell, and other easy-to-relate medical information.

AIDS Memorial Quilt Website: This takes full advantage of the Internet’s capability for multimedia communications. Users can view one of the first 12 panels of the more than 32,000 panel quilt, or they can download information on how to make their own panel.

Mother’s Voices – United to End AIDS

Seattle/ King County AIDS Service Organizations

BABES Network

Bailey-Boushay House

Gay City

Lifelong AIDS Alliance (formerly Northwest AIDS Foundation and Chicken Soup Brigade)

Multifaith Works: A non-profit, non-denominational organization that provides housing and supportive services to people with life-threatening illnesses, and community education on human diversity.  Seattle Shanti is a program of Multifaith Works. 

People of Color Against AIDS Network (POCAAN)


Seattle AIDS Support Group (SASG)

Seattle Treatment Education Project (STEP)

Other Collaborating Organizations self development videos on Youtube.

EffectiveArts: Shanti enjoys a beneficial alliance with EffectiveArts, an arts organization dedicated to social contribution, the enhancement of education, and community development through art. EffectiveArts actors donate their time at Shanti trainings by playing the roles of hypothetical clients, helping each trainee to sharpen skills at active listening, limit setting, and providing non-judgmental emotional support. Click to read more about Shanti’s collaboration with EffectiveArts.