One-to-One Program

Listening is Compassion

Shanti is an organization of volunteers providing emotional support to people affected by HIV/AIDS and other life threatening illnesses. People call Shanti for a variety of reasons: Many need a listener or just someone to talk to; others feel alone or afraid of burdening friends and family. Some people want to share their fears or feelings of grief or loss at the death or illness of a loved one.

We all need a good listener — someone to talk to on a regular basis. Feelings of grief, loneliness, anxiety and anger can be overwhelming when facing illness.

To request a volunteer, please contact Shanti. A staff person will listen to your needs and preferences. We’ll do our best to match you with a volunteer quickly, while respecting your privacy and dignity. Shanti services are completely confidential.

Q: What is a Shanti relationship like? As a client, what can I expect when I contact Shanti?

A: Each relationship is unique and depends on YOUR needs. You and your Shanti volunteer can meet in person or talk on the phone. You will arrange your meeting times and places with your volunteer. You can meet for coffee or go for a walk. Or you might just get together to talk wherever you are. It’s up to you.

To Apply for Services:

  • To apply for services, please contact Shanti.
  • Our staff will listen to your needs and preferences. We will try to match you with a volunteer quickly, while respecting your privacy and dignity.  
    • A staff member will call you and give general information about a potential volunteer match. Likewise, they will also call the volunteer. If everything looks like a good match, phone numbers are exchanged.      
  • You and your new volunteer will then schedule a time to meet. Shanti relationships can be very comforting, supportive, dependable, and stress-free.  
  • All volunteers are carefully screened and receive in-depth training. Peer groups and staff provide on-going support and supervision for our volunteers.

    Shanti welcomes clients and volunteers regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or physical ability.

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